“Eri Miyashita is one of the most exceptional young pianist I have had the pleasure of hearing. She has an outstanding technical facility, innate musicality, and an exceptional skill at performing.”
–Dr. Derek K.P. Associate Professor of Piano, MSU

“Ms. Miyashita’s rich musical expressive power and deep understanding of music, tonality, and color is a special gift.”
–Brian M.

“Eri Miyashita stands out as one of the most gifted and unique young pianists. She has a first rate technique, excellent musicianship, and an unusual ability to communicate to the audience.”
–Alison D. Associate Professor of Piano, CCNY


“I am immensely grateful that Eri is my son’s teacher.”
–Kyle S.

“She has the knowledge and passion to motivate a student.”
–Maria K.

“I am ecstatic as a parent to see the progress that he has made in his piano technique and live performances.”
–Dennis W.