2018 is almost over!!

Looking back, I think this year was full of new challenges and excitements. Pushing the boundary and getting out of your comfort zone is not always an easy choice, but I always realize that afterwards, how much I grew as a pianist, and as a person.

I welcomed new piano students from the beginning of the year throughout, encountering new personalities and assisting their musical growth. Overseeing their musical improvements and struggles, I always learn that this process is just as what we professionals face in daily life.If  we optimistically keep moving forward and remember to take ourself to the higher level, when we pause for a moment, we might notice how long we have come this far.

I started meditation and had the opportunity to be exposed in spirituality — visiting Rome for the first time, being appointed as the music director of Japanese American United Church in Manhattan.

In the busy schedule, I managed to learn some new repertoires and coming up with the idea of contemporary performance and media project.

I am very much excited to continue taking on the new path that I railed out this year, and hoping to publish some of my project very soon!

I always feel thankful of people who are around me supporting, either musical colleagues, family, and friends and students, by lightening up my way forward.

As the title, “gratitude” is the iconic word for me this year. I feel very fortunate to have everyone who has come cross each other, making an influence on my decision making in musical life.

Thank you so much everyone, and I wish your wonderful and blessing year of 2019!!