Finest Piano instruction for all levels, all ages.

I have been teaching both privately and in music institutes for 11 years in the United States and my native country Japan, for children from 4 years old to adult students. I am highly skilled with instructing first time learners who have never touched the piano before but are interested in playing music.

My main approach to those beginners is to instruct how to read musical notations used in classical music. The Ability to identify each note on musical score is essential in any genres, and this skill can be applied to any other instruments and voice.


One-On-One Piano Lessons

From basic instruction to advanced coaching, you can choose 30min, 45min, or 60min lesson.
I would suggest 30min lesson for students under 6 years old students, because of their attention span.

Course materials will depend upon how the student wants to improve his/her piano skills. But as a very basic, I will start with solfeggio and/or CDE Alphabetical note learning on sheet music. Ear-training for pitch perception (higher or lower notes etc.) is equally important. For students who would go further, I will provide “note-dictation”, to be able to write down musical notations on a staff paper by hearing easy melodies. Then eventually composing a simple song or piece if the student is interested. I also teach lead-sheet style notation, which is frequently used in Broadway musical scores. This is helpful to play pop/rock music.

Exam Preparation

As piano skills improve, some of the students wish to take music grade exams. There are two major exams in New York City, which are ABRSM and NYSSMA. Candidates are required to pass certain points in several categories such as performing pieces, playing scales, and sight-reading. I have trained students for both exams in any level, and every student whom I instructed passed for the first attempt on both exams, and a number of students have even scored the maximum points on NYSSMA and “Pass with Distinction”.

In addition to, still very importantly, there is Theory exam for most of the exams including NYSSMA and ABRSM. Especially for ABRSM, you need to pass a certain grade in theory part as well to go to the advance level. I would highly recommend each student to start preparing for the theory part as well, since thinking music theoretically greatly helps to improve your musical interpretation, not only you have to do the exam as a prerequisite!!

Competition/Audition Coaching

Planning to take auditions for music conservatories? I have trained students who wish to set their future career in piano performing, such as Mannes School Music and La Guardia High school, Louis Armstrong Middle School. The lessons focus intensively on the technique and most of all, the musical interpretation.